Concrete Floor (Ground Floor) Replacement

We carried out this particular concrete floor replacement job for a local authority (Rotherham Council). The tenant had been experiencing problems with the existing floor sinking so we were asked to dig it out and replace it with a new concrete floor as per the structural engineers recommendations.

The project consisted of:

  • Removing the old bathroom suite
  • Digging the floor down to solid ground
  • Raising level of floor with hardcore ensuring it well compacted at regular intervals
  • Replace clay drain pipe with underground plastic pipe
  • Install and damp proof membrane to prevent rising damp
  • Install kings insulation
  • Preparing the floor with hardcore and damp-proof membrane, followed by insulation and concrete
  • Install steel mesh ready for concrete
  • Concrete the floor
  • Re-plaster bathroom out
  • Install new bathroom suite complete with tiling
  • Decorate bathroom
  • Install new flooring

We used a number of local suppliers for top-quality local materials, including, Aire Concrete at Wakefield.

From start to finish, the project took around 2 weeks.

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Concrete Flooring Replacement in Rotherham
Concrete Flooring Replacement in Rotherham

This Concrete Floor Replacement Project in Pictures