Everywhere we turn we see signs and posters trying to promote and encourage people to become environmentally friendly. One way to save the environment is by saving on waste water. We all turn a blind eye on small issues such as a dripping tap or leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth, but it is shocking how much these small amounts of waste water add up to. Past studies have shown that so much as 90 litres of water a week can be wasted from just a leaky tap! Our plumbers Sheffield team have helped construct this blog post, in order to help all our clients and visitors become aware of just how much water they may be wasting, and how to reduce these figures.

A leaking tap is regularly ignored and left untouched, until there is a more apparent and worrying issue such as mould, stains and possible damage to other parts of the tap such as the seating. Not only does a leaking tap cause other problems when not repaired, but it can also be very harsh on your wallet. How can you anyone turn down the prevention of future issues whilst saving money? It doesn’t stop there either, like we mentioned previously, you will be helping to save the planet too. Last year (2012), here in Britain the hose pipe ban was introduced, so don’t leave that dripping tap, get it fixed and do your part for helping to save the planet and the country’s economy.

Other ways you can save water:

  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth (it really isn’t necessary to leave the water running whilst you are brushing, a simply wet of the brush and swishing out of the mouth is all that is needed)
  • Only load the washing machine with full loads of washing (approximately 95 litres of water are used per wash!)
  • Store water in the fridge if you like drinking cool water (that way you won’t be running the tap as long waiting for it to get cold)
  • Have a water meter installed (then you will be able to monitor how much water you are using)
  • Have a shower instead of a bath (much less water is used when having a shower than a bath)
  • Use the water used to boil an egg, to then water your plants (obviously once the water has cooled down)
  • Try not to clean your driveway with the hosepipe (a brush should do the job just as well)

There are many more ways in which you could save water, it really is down to being creative with it. If you have any interesting ways in which you save water do let us know, as we can pass this useful information on to all our customers. Send your ideas to enquiries@nubuildgroup.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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