Dodgy Water Pressure?

It is a very common complication to find that your shower has lost water pressure, and it is not always necessary to call out a plumber. Many people who are experiencing low water pressure have no idea what to do in order to rectify the situation. For this reason our plumbers based in Sheffield have helped to put together this post, so fingers crossed, after reading this you won’t be lost when it comes to low water pressure in your shower.

We often find that the low pressure is caused by a blocked shower head. Fixing a blocked shower head can be a really simple step, it could just be a case of removing the head, giving it a good scrub and use a relevant commercial cleaning product. If this doesn’t unblock the head, you can simply nip down to a local DIY store such as B&Q, and pick up a new head.

If you have removed the shower head, and find this isn’t the cause of the low pressure, there are a few other steps you can take. One of the other causes could be that the bath and shower spout diverter is broken. The signs of a broken bath spout diverter are leaks from the diverter itself or in some cases the spout itself won’t stay up. We strongly recommend buying a new diverter as in 9/10 cases it so much easier than attempting to repair the issue.

After attempting the top two steps, if you have still not managed to identify the issue, then we advise you get in contact with a professional plumbing contractor, like ourselves. For a free no obligation quote on your property, please call 01226 755661 or email us at